Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is GOODNIGHT?

      With the help of GOODNIGHT you can earn in game currency by providing your computer for calculations. The power of your computer is remotely used for distributed computing.

      Distributed computing is a way to solve labor-intensive, computing problems, using several computers. Most often they are combined into a parallel computing system. Distributed computing is also applicable in distributed control systems.

      Sequential calculations in distributed systems are performed taking into account the simultaneous solution of many problems. A feature of distributed multiprocessor computing systems, in contrast to local supercomputers, is the possibility of an unlimited increase in performance due to scaling.

    2. How does GOODNIGHT work?

      • You install the GOODNIGHT application on your computer.
      • Run, register or log in using popular social networks. Then you need to choose a game.
      • The program handles the rest!
      • When you stop computing and an integer has been reached, a reward is sent to the game.
    3. What do I get for using GOODNIGHT?

      Using GOODNIGHT, you get in-game currency (rewards) in the selected game. The size of the award depends on the power of the computer and the amount of time worked.

    4. What do I offer in return?

      GOODNIGHT uses the resources of the computer on which it is running. Accordingly, in return you give back the power of the processor and / or video card. Some games use only the processor, some only the video card. This can be tracked in the Task Manager while the application is running.

    5. What makes it profitable to use GOODNIGHT?

      Using GOODNIGHT is easy! You are not required to do anything except wait for the reward to be paid after clicking the “Start” button.

    6. How often can I use GOODNIGHT? Are there any restrictions?

      There are no restrictions for using GOODNIGHT. If your computer meets the system requirements, you can use GOODNIGHT endlessly.

  2. Games

    1. Which games can I use GOODNIGHT in?

      All available games are published in GOODNIGHT itself. We are constantly working on expanding this list, but for now we offer you to enjoy the gameplay of the most popular games that we work with.

    2. What can I get in games?

      The reward, its type and size - are really unique for each game: resources, game money, temporary bonuses or consumables. We discuss and coordinate the award with developers and publishers. Naturally we listen to your ideas and take them into account!

    3. Can I use GOODNIGHT in any game?

      GOODNIGHT connects to games with the help of developers, so now it can only be used in a certain number of connected games. An updated list of them can be found in the application. We are constantly working on expanding this list, but for now we encourage to enjoy the gameplay of the most popular games that we currently work with.

    4. What should I do if my favorite game is not listed in GOODNIGHT?

      If you are playing a game that is not yet connected to GOODNIGHT, but want to see it in the list of connected ones, write to us (our contacts are on the site We will arrange negotiations with developers / publishers and will keep you posted. Also, you can always write to developers / publishers yourself about your desire to connect the game to GOODNIGHT.

    5. Can I choose which award I receive in the game?

      Yes, indeed! If provided by the game itself. We will publish news and promotions on the pages of the GOODNIGHT application and the games connected to it.

    6. How are rewards calculated for using GOODNIGHT?

      The reward is calculated based upon the working hours of GOODNIGHT and the power of your computer.

  3. Requirements

    1. What are the minimum computer specifications for using GOODNIGHT?

      MINIMUM system requirements
      Operating system Windows® 7 (with the latest service pack) x64
      CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo E6300 or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+
      Video card Intel® HD Graphics or Nvidia® GeForce® 9500 GT or ATI Radeon™ HD 3650
      RAM 2 GB RAM
      Free place 500 MB free hard disk space
      Internet connection Broadband Internet Connection
      Resolution Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
    2. What are the recommended computer specifications for using GOODNIGHT?

      RECOMMENDED system requirements
      Operating system Windows® 10 64-bit (with the latest service pack) x64
      CPU Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Athlon™ II X4
      Video card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 or Intel® HD Graphics 4400 or better
      RAM 6 GB RAM
      Free place 500 MB free hard disk space
      Internet connection Broadband Internet Connection
      Resolution Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
    3. Do I need to install additional programs to run GOODNIGHT?

      No, nothing extra is needed! The installation file itself will suggest to install the necessary programs from the official sites. If you do not have them, no worries. However, players usually have everything in the very latest version, am I right?

      Even drivers:



  4. Installation

    1. Where can I download GOODNIGHT?

      The latest version of GOODNIGHT can always be found on the website:

    2. What do I need to install GOODNIGHT on my PC?

      Just download and install the installation file. That’s it!

      The computer must meet system requirements of course, but the rest is a matter of technology and raw willpower! We also recommend pausing the antivirus during installation so that all files can be unpacked and installed correctly.

    3. How many GOODNIGHT applications can be installed on one PC?

      Only one GOODNIGHT application can be installed on one computer.

    4. How can I register at GOODNIGHT?

      To use GOODNIGHT you need authorization: either through e-mail, or through popular social networks. Just click on the icon of your social network on the page with authorization. Later, you can connect social networks or email to an existing account. The list of available games will display all social network games connected to GOODNIGHT that is linked to your GOODNIGHT account.

  5. Job

    1. How exactly do I run GOODNIGHT?

      When you have it downloaded and installed, log in to GOODNIGHT. Next, select the game and click the “Start” button. Follow your progress of receiving rewards in real time, and you can stop working at any moment. Then, upon reaching an integer, you can send your reward to the game.

      The operating time of the application is not limited, and computer capacities are determined automatically.

      Determining the optimal settings can take from around 20 minutes to 90 minutes, during which the computer can work with some delays in performing everyday tasks. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

    2. What to do and what not to do while working with GOODNIGHT?

      Absolutely no additional steps are required for the full operation of GOODNIGHT. You can go about your business without being distracted by the application.

      Just do not load the computer running GOODNIGHT programs with a high power consumption of the computer, because they are already in use, and the computer may overheat, freeze, and overload.

    3. What reward will I get for GOODNIGHT?

      You follow the progress of receiving rewards in real time, and you can stop working at any moment you so choose. Then, upon reaching an integer, you can send your reward to the game.

    4. When will I receive the GOODNIGHT Job Award?

      The reward will be automatically credited to your game account immediately after the application stops and the “send reward” option is selected.

      Note: if the game or technical work is unavailable during the crediting period, funds will be received immediately after the game is stabilized.

    5. What determines the size of the reward?

      The reward depends on the power level of the computer, and on the working time of GOODNIGHT. The size of the award is affected by the technical performance of the computer - the more powerful the computer, the higher the award.

    6. Under what circumstances will I not receive a reward?

      GOODNIGHT is designed to minimize the risk of losing rewards. At the same time, we recommend that you avoid unexpected interruptions in the application (terminating GOODNIGHT while it is running without pressing the stop button, lack of an Internet connection, power problems or unexpected shutdown of the computer).

  6. Errors

    1. An error occurred during authorization, what should I do?

      Check in your default browser if you are logged in to the social network through which you want to log in to GOODNIGHT.

    2. The size of the reward received has suddenly changed. It shows 0 or a negative number, what should I do?

      This can be local problems of the equipment on which the application is installed, or the server of the game itself, for which a reward is generated. We recommend checking if there were any interruptions in the Internet and electricity. If the error does not disappear on its own, we recommend contacting GOODNIGHT technical support.

    3. What should I do if the application shows an error while using GOODNIGHT?

      You need to check whether your computer meets the minimum system requirements for GOODNIGHT to work. In the case of compliance, inform technical support, describing the essence of the error, the time of its occurrence, and attach any screenshots.

    4. There is no reward for all the GOODNIGHT work, what can I do?

      If during the operation of GOODNIGHT there were no errors and the application completed its work, but the award was not credited, we recommend that you contact the support team, describing the situation, as well as indicating the approximate time for GOODNIGHT to turn on and complete its work.

    5. The error repeats constantly, what should I do?

      If the error is permanent and caused by reasons that are unknown to you, we recommend that you immediately report this to the support service. We recommend that you attach the log file from the system folder to the appeal (just enter% localappData% \ Freed \ logs in any address bar of Windows). We will approach your question on an individual basis.

    6. I want a different reward in the game for using GOODNIGHT.

      You can make suggestions and recommendations (our contacts can be found at We will consider them with the developers / publishers of the game and, in the case of a decision in your favor, we will make the appropriate adjustments.

    7. GOODNIGHT started loading modules, what should I do and how long should I wait?

      When you first open GOODNIGHT, as well as after updating the application, loading of modules may begin. GOODNIGHT will not start working until it installs 100% of the required modules. We have optimized GOODNIGHT so that loading modules takes a minimum amount of time. We recommend that you wait until the download is complete before using GOODNIGHT.

  7. Support

    1. What are the official GOODNIGHT groups / pages?

      We are present on VK, Twitter, OK, FB, Instagram, Telegram. These are the official groups supported by GOODNIGHT.

    2. Is there a chat in GOODNIGHT?

      Yes, our main chat is found on

      At the same time, each game has its own chat. In each game you can discuss both the game itself and GOODNIGHT. We participate in every such conversations and help with any issues related to GOODNIGHT.

    3. How can I contact GOODNIGHT?

      Just write a message to any official group from the list on the website, or write a message:

    4. How can I contact the administration of the game that uses GOODNIGHT?

      As a rule, the contacts of the administration are indicated on the website or in the group of the desired game. Most games have a convenient support service that helps their players quickly. If your questions are related to GOODNIGHT or the game, write to us and we will resolve it or in conjunction with developers / publishers.

    5. What are the guidelines for writing a GOODNIGHT administration appeal?

      The appeal must include a detailed description of the problem, its step-by-step reproduction, the date the problem occurred and, if necessary, the characteristics of the system (Windows version, video card, etc.). We recommend that you attach the log file from the system folder to the appeal (just enter% localappData% \ Freed \ logs in any address bar of Windows). Support may request additional information required to resolve the problem.

    6. How long will the appeal be considered?

      I can take up to 6 hours to process messages. We will send you a notice of acceptance of the application for work.

    7. What happens after sending an appeal?

      You will receive a notification that your appeal has been accepted into work. We will offer recommendations on how to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. With that said,, processing of calls may take some time.

      Also, we will send you another notification when the issue is resolved.

    8. When do I need to write support for GOODNIGHT?

      Well, for example:

      • You have encountered technical problems with GOODNIGHT.
      • Do you have suggestions, ideas, or complaints?
      • You need advice on working GOODNIGHT.
  8. Issue

    1. Is GOODNIGHT safe for my computer?

      Yes. GOODNIGHT is completely safe for your computer.

      We recommend that you use a virus-tested computer, free from malware and without any hardware defects.

    2. How will the power of my computer be used?

      The received capacities are spent on distributed computing, performing complex calculations and analysis.

    3. Can I be hacked while using GOODNIGHT?


      GOODNIGHT does not have access to your sensitive information, passwords or files.

    4. Is using GOODNIGHT legal?

      Absolutely legal! Using GOODNIGHT does not violate any applicable rules, norms and laws both in general and within games that are connected to GOODNIGHT.

    5. I have increased electricity costs after using GOODNIGHT, why is that?

      Computer power is calculated automatically on first start. Therefore, the energy consumption of a computer increases slightly compared to if it were in sleep mode

      Example: For 8 hours of maximum application work (at full load), the intel core i7-8700 spends 0.065 kW / h, which is 1 ruble, respectively (based on electricity prices in Moscow for 2019).

    6. Will using GOODNIGHT slow down my internet speed?

      No, GOODNIGHT does not affect the speed and quality of the user's Internet connection.

  9. Uninstall and reinstall

    1. How can I remove remove GOODNIGHT?

      To remove GOODNIGHT:

      • go to system settings;
      • select the “Programs and Features” section;
      • find in the list “Programs and Features” -> Delete.

      The application will be completely removed from the computer.

    2. How can I update GOODNIGHT?

      GOODNIGHT updates automatically every time it starts. If this does not happen, we recommend that you remove GOODNIGHT and reinstall it by downloading it from the official site

    3. How can I start using GOODNIGHT again after uninstallation?

      You need to download it, run the install and log in to GOODNIGHT. Then you can start using the application again.

  10. Responsibility

    1. What is GOODNIGHT committed to?

      GOODNIGHT is committed to:

      • crediting the reward to users on their game account in the amount previously agreed upon and announcing it to the user (If GOODNIGHT is fully completed);
      • providing user support, consult and, if necessary, solve technical problems associated with the application;
      • announcing all changes related to the development, awards and work of GOODNIGHT.
    2. What does the GOODNIGHT user have to do?

      The User agrees to:

      • read and accept the user agreement;
      • use GOODNIGHT directly for the purposes for which GOODNIGHT is intended;
      • do not attempt to hack the program or disrupt its operation;
      • abide by the rules of chat behavior in relation to other GOODNIGHT users and its representatives.
  11. Guides

    1. How can one configure GOODNIGHT to work with antivirus software?


    2. Rules of conduct in the chat and restrictions in violation of the rules.

      Chat Rules

    3. Distributed computing.

      We are working on this.

    4. Calculation of computer power when using GOODNIGHT.

      We are working on this.

  12. Priorities

    1. GOODNIGHT development.

      Our goal is not only expanding the list of games connected to GOODNIGHT, but also improving performance, improving GOODNIGHT settings and the program itself as a whole.

    2. Will GOODNIGHT work in other games?

      Yes! The list of available games is constantly updated and negotiations are already underway with the developers of popular games regarding the connection of GOODNIGHT to their products.

    3. Will there be other offers from GOODNIGHT for gamers?

      In parallel with the work on improving GOODNIGHT, we plan to launch additional services for players that can significantly facilitate the game life of users in various directions. We will publish information about additional services in the official GOODNIGHT groups as soon as it becomes available.

    4. Will there be promotions, contests, and/or drawings for GOODNIGHT users?

      GOODNIGHT is a growing company with a lively community, which we value. We plan to continue to conduct various promotions, sweepstakes and contests. In addition, on the pages of games connected to GOODNIGHT, we will hold joint contests from GOODNIGHT and game developers. Stay tuned for GOODNIGHT!

    5. Does GOODNIGHT plan to give out anything other game currencies in games connected to the application?

      In the event that a game connected to GOODNIGHT has a certain value that is demanded by the players, but which is difficult and / or costly to obtain in the game itself, there is the possibility of issuing it as a reward. We are in discussions on this with game developers.

  13. Opportunities

    1. How to get more rewards for using GOODNIGHT?

      To increase the size of the reward, just keep GOODNIGHT on for as long as possible. The higher the power of your computer, the higher the reward.

    2. Is it possible to use GOODNIGHT on several computers at the same time for one account?

      The user can run GOODNIGHT on several computers at the same time (using the same authorization), in which case he will receive a reward for the work of all computers at once.

    3. Can I use GOODNIGHT on one computer for two accounts at the same time?

      No, only one GOODNIGHT application can be installed and run on one computer.

    4. Can GOODNIGHT be used for different game accounts one at a time?

      Yes. After launching the application, it is possible to change the authorization account. The GOODNIGHT reward will be credited to the account that is authorized in the program at the time of its inclusion.